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    Progressive Steps: Kodim 0607/ Kota Sukabumi Constructs Public Toilets and Water Wells for Community Welfare

    Kamis, 07 Maret 2024, 07:32 WIB Last Updated 2024-03-07T00:32:32Z


    On Wednesday, March 6, 2024, as part of the TMMD to 119 activities, Kodim 0607/Kota Sukabumi continues to promote additional physical development in Desa Tenjojaya, Kecamatan Cibadak, Kabupaten Sukabumi. One of its initiatives is the construction of public toilets and water wells at two different locations.

    In Cibereceuk village, Rt. 2 Rw. 11, Commander of Kodim 0607 Kota Sukabumi, Lieutenant Colonel Infantry Yudhi Hariyanto,S.Hub,Int, along with his team, inspected the construction of public toilets at Cibereceuk Mosque. Meanwhile, in Kebon kalapa village, Rt. 01 Rw. 02, the construction of water wells at Assobariyah Mosque is underway.

    The Water Well program is one of the highlights, where the constructed well will serve approximately 90 households around Desa Tenjojaya. It is hoped that, with the cooperation between the Coordinator of public toilet construction, Tomy Zhang, and Water Well Captain Inf. Denden Udrayana, this water well will soon be utilized by the local residents.

    Dandim 0607 Sukabumi, Lieutenant Colonel Inf. Yudhi Hariyanto, hopes that this construction will provide significant benefits to the local community, thereby improving their quality of life.

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